Tutorials:Getting Started With CGminer/BFGminer
This guide aims to get most users running Butterfly Labs hardware with either BFGMiner or CGMiner as quickly and simply as possible. It will cover mining from a Windows environment, using mining pools. Mining without using a pool (solo mining), or from another OS is very similar, though may require a few changes to these steps, or some additional set up, as in the case of mining solo.
Additionally, this guide will not be covering how to set up a wallet, or transact with Bitcoin. See / for more on those topics.
BFGMiner and CGMiner are mining software by Luke-Jr and ckolivas, respectively. These programs put your mining hardware to work. They display output in a console or terminal window, including stats about your hardware, the shares you submit, and other useful calculations. Don"t be off-put if you are not used to console/terminal programs. We"ll show you how to set up either program to run reliably, with little or no additional effort once the initial set up is done.
Prepare Your Hardware
If you have not already, prepare a space for your mining hardware. It should be free of debris and dust if possible. Make sure the area your hardware will reside is stable, and out of traffic from drinks, and pets. Remove your hardware from packaging, and get familiar with the cables they come with. Depending on your model, you may have a power supply (sometimes referred to as a power brick, or "wall wart"). Plug your power supply in, and then plug the appropriate end into your device. In the case of the Jalapeno hardware, you may not have a power brick, but instead, two USB cables. One cable will provide power over USB in this case, while the other provides communication for mining.

Plug the USB cable(s) into an open port or ports on your PC or mining host. For many, that will be a PC or laptop, but some may be using a Raspberry Pi or similar device. If you are hosting multiple pieces of mining hardware, you may be interested in purchasing a USB hub, which expands the available number of USB ports. For devices other than the Jalapeno, nearly any hub will work. For the Jalapeno, you may want to look into a powered USB hub, due to the power requirements of the Jalapeno being powered over USB.
将USB线插到一个空闲的电脑USB口上或者类似的挖矿管理矿机的设备上,一般情况下为PC或者笔记本电脑,当然也可以用类似Raspberry Pi(Raspberry Pi是一款基于Linux系统的个人电脑,详见/view/)的设备。如果你有多个矿机需要管理,那么你就需要购买一个用来扩展USB端口的USB HUB设备。
除Jalapeno设备以外,任何类型的USB HUB都可以。
对于Jalapeno设备,你可能需要核对下其对应的功率,再选择合适的USB HUB。
Download Mining Software
The choice of mining software to use is up to you. CGMiner and BFGMiner are two of the most popular choices. Their output and set up are very similar, and we"ll show in the next step how to set up ad your choice from one of the links below:Please note that the links to the latest versions are contained on the page linked below, you will have to choose the correct version for your operating system。CGMiner discussion and changelog with links, or directory of all files available for download BFGMiner "Stable release" is recommended, select the link for your operating system.下载挖矿软件

CGMiner discussion and changelog with links, or directory of all files available for download BFGMiner。
Once your download completes, unzip or extract the files to your desktop, or preferred folder.
Configure Your Mining Software - BASICYour hardware is now connected, and powered on. It"s not mining, just yet. For that, let"s configure your mining software. We"ll aim to produce a simple, reusable "start up" file. Once we"re done, you"ll simply double-click on this file to launch your software. This section looks long, but it is not difficult. If you are confused about the instructions, look at the included screen captures for guidance, and be sure to double check the details of each step.
If you are not a member of a pool already, now is the time to do so. You"ll need your credentials (called "worker" info) and some pool information to configure your mining software。 One recommendation is EclipseMC pool, which is already prepared for ASIC devices, though many of the other top pools will or are as well. 如果你还不是某个矿池的注册用户,那么就注册一个吧。。