Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic How to Deal with Sub-health. You should write at least 150 words and base your composition on the outline given below:








  How to Deal with Sub-health

  Nowadays, quite a few people are suffering from sub-health. Indeed, sub-health can result in both physical and mental diseases. Even worse, people who suffer from sub-health are more easily to die prematurely.

  There are many factors resulting in sub-health. Among these, the pace of modern life plays a vital role. The fast pace of modern life exerts great pressure on people and pressure is the ultimate cause of sub-health. What’s more, modern people spend too much night time working or entertaining, which seriously affects their health.

  Considering the great harm brought by sub-health, I think it is high time that we took effective measures to prevent sub-health. Firstly, people must have enough sleep to ensure that they can regain energy and physical strength. Secondly, people should have a rational diet under the instruction of doctor in order to avoid the diseases caused by malnutrition or super-nutrition. Thirdly, people should regularly do some exercise to keep healthy. To conclude, it is necessary for us to take flexible measures to avoid the threat of sub-health.

  Directions: For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Should Customers Buy Cut-price Products? You should write at least 150 words and base your composition on the outline given below:








  Should Customers Buy Cut-price Products?

  When asked about whether customers should buy cut-price products, different people will offer different views. Some people like to buy cut-price products since a discount is a great appeal. However, others maintain that it’s not a wise and rational idea to buy discount products.

  Those people who make the former choice believe they can save themselves a lot of money by buying cut-price products. In addition, they can use less money to buy more products. However, still others do not agree this. In their opinions, the discount is merely a business means of attracting customers and enhancing their desires for purchase. Besides, they argue that the discount always tempts customers to buy something unnecessary.

  As to me, I tend to refuse to buy cut-price products. For one thing, complaints about cut-price products rank first in recent days according to the newspapers. For another, cut-price products are usually not provided with an after-sales service, such as three guarantees for products. Considering these, we may reasonably conclude that customers should think carefully when they buy cut-price products.