Have you ever heard the old saying "Never judge a book by its cover" ? This is a good rule to (41) when trying to judge the intelligence of others. Some people have minds that shine only in certain situations. A young man with an unusual (42) in creative writing may find himself speechless in the presence of a pretty girl. He searches awkwardly for words and does not talk smoothly. But don" t make the mistake of thinking him stupid.(43) a pen and paper, he can express himself very well.

  Other people may fool you into overestimating their intelligence by (44) a good appear-ance. A student who listens attentively and takes notes in class is bound to make a favorable im-pression on his teachers. But when it (45) exams, he may score near the bottom of the class.

  The (46) idea is that you can"t judge someone by appearance. The only way to determine a person" s intelligence is to get to know him. Then you can observe (47) he reacts to different situations. The (48) situations you observe, the more accurate your judgment is (49)to be.So (50). Don"t judge the book by its cover.

  41.A.follow  B.obey  C.watch  D.observe

  42.A.present  B.hand  C.pen  D.gift

  43.A.From  B.With  C.In  D.By

  44.A.putting up with  B.putting on  C.putting up  D.putting off

  45.A.turns to  B.comes to  C.gets to  D.leads to

  46.A.mere  B.major  C.main  D.topic

  47.A.how  B.what  C.however  D.whatever

  48.A.most  B.more  C.much  D.many

  49.A.likely  B.properly  C.fortunately  D.necessarily

  50.A.count on your time  B.ahead of your time  C.fall behind your time  D.take your time