Do you know what a snowman is? Let us a make!  First, we a big ball of snow. Then we make another is smaller than the first snowball.  Now we make another very small snowball. We put it on top. Let us make a face on the snowman. Carrot is his nose. Some little rockets for his mouth and eyes. Two sticks for his hat are on the top for his hat.  Ok!The snowman is wonderful.


  Today, It is snowy. we make a snowman outside the house. We are happy.  First. We make a big baII of snow. Then we make another snowbaII. This one is smaIIer than the first. We put this snowbaII on that snowbaII. We make another smaII snowbaII, we put it on top. We make a face on the snowman. The carrot is his nose some LittIe rocks for his mouth and eyes. We have two sticks for his arms.  Snowman is wonderfuI! I Like snowman.


  Winter is here! Winter is here! Under the snow and the whole morning.  We a few good friends don't mention how happy. Li Ming, wang qiang, and I rushed out of the house almost at the same time, came to the village square make a snowman. Then came the little red and small beautiful also.  Beginning, we respectively in the loose snow roll snowballs. Then put a group of a snow heap together, soon, the snowman's upper body was heap. Wang qiang holding a round and big snowballs, on the neck is good snowman, when we all cried: "pile snowman heap!!" Is when you think the snowman what is missing, the little red from her pocket two black plastic circle, stick on the snowman's head when the eyes. Subsequently, and placed a small carrot  When the nose below the eyes. Then, xiao li to the snowman with finger scratched a laughing mouth, the snowman looks more beautiful.  Behind us in front of the snowman, sing, dance, playing chase snowball fights... Winter is the happiest seasons in our childhood.