常见的英语作文类型分为议论文、图表文、记叙文、应用文等,不同类型文章的写作要求上相同,考场写法也有相通点。以下是本站整理的《关于 My mother的小学生英语作文》,希望帮助到您。

关于 My mother的小学生英语作文篇一

  My mother is thirty-six years old and she is a teacher. She likes to wear all kinds of glasses, like to get a variety of hair, beautiful! She can care about me!

  Remember one morning, I ran into the office. At that time, my sweat, clothes wet has been able to twist a water. Trying to drink water. However, the water is also braving the smoke, the basic pharynx are not swallowed. My mother seeing, holding a second cup from the top into another cup. That splash of water, are playing in the mother"s body. Mother regardless of their own, still insisted. That splash of water, the mother"s arm hit the red, red arms like a ripe apple.

  My mother so repeatedly, repeatedly done a lot of times, not let me drink, but her first taste, and then carefully handed me, for fear of water to burn me.

  I took the water and drank it overturned. The water, slowly, slowly, flows into my heart.

  Mother really care about me, i love my mom!

关于 My mother的小学生英语作文篇二

  My mother is a detective, how does she become a detective? Here I tell you about it.

  The day after tomorrow is the exam, the mother told me to see the review information, my mother to go outside things, so I do not watch TV, and so my mother left my mother when the ears when the wind, I can not wait to pick up the remote control to open the TV I was very happy when the mother suddenly returned home, I panicked off the TV, my mother came home and said: "You have not watch TV. I said:" No, my mother did not believe put his hand on the TV Said: "Since you did not watch TV why the TV is hot, I heard my heart very guilty.

  The next day, my mother went out, my mother asked me or not to watch TV, to see "review information, my eyes suddenly turned to want a good way, I put the fan behind the TV to open up the TV Cool me, I opened the TV, suddenly my mother came back, I rush to turn off the TV, my mother said: "Today you watch TV?" I said: "no" why Hunan TV into Henan TV.

  Mom is really worse than Holmes.

关于 My mother的小学生英语作文篇三

  My mother is a unit of a staff member, big eyes, cherry mouth, wearing a pair of glasses. My mother loves me, every time I make a request, my mother will promise.

  Once again, we went to school, we are happily laughing, suddenly the clouds in the sky, it seems almost going to rain, and happened that I did not bring an umbrella, I am anxious to stomp, thinking: if my mother at that side Well, I seem to see a familiar figure, and then a closer look, ah! That is not a mother? At that time the school has been opened, I rushed out, rushed to my mother"s arms, cried and said: "I hope You can come, you really come! "Mother said:" Yue Yue, as long as you happy, happily go to school, my mother at your side.

  Mother, you can not buy anything to repay you, I can only use excellent results to repay you this great maternal love.

关于 My mother的小学生英语作文篇四

  I have an ordinary and great mother.

  A black and beautiful long hair, a pair of big but God"s eyes, not tall and bad on the bridge of the bridge with a pair of glasses, this is my mother.

  Said she was ordinary, because she and other people"s mother every day to buy food, cooking, washing clothes, send me to school, take me home.

  Remember that it was a hot summer, that day just power outage, I slept in bed, forehead fever, whole body sweat. My mother met, and quickly picked up the fan to help me fan, in the breeze I fell asleep asleep. Suddenly, a drop of water fell on my face, I opened my eyes and saw my mother is sweating for my fan it "Mom, thank you!" I read in silence in my heart.

  There is a rainy day, school, my mother to pick me up, then the rain was great, but my mother only took an umbrella. Walking on the road, looked up to see the sky, my mother over there clouds clouds, and my side of the sky is purple. Home, my mother "s clothes all wet, I suddenly understand how the matter.

  This is my mother, a kind of silly moments of silly mom.

关于 My mother的小学生英语作文篇五

  My mother is thirty-four years old and works in nine kindergartens. She had a long black shawl long hair, round face inlaid with a pair of hairy flowers big eyes, small nose below a angular mouth, very beautiful.

  My mother is beautiful but very stingy, because my mother usually never give me pocket money.

  I can see other students every day to spend some money to buy their own things to buy, and my heart is particularly envious, and very uncomfortable. Whenever I saw the students from the snack shop, holding a lot of delicious things in my eyes dangling, I really want to taste that taste it! But I have no pocket money to buy, only Watching someone else to eat, then I think my mother is really too stingy.

  But there was one thing that made me change my mind.

  It was the last semester, and the teacher asked us to give a poor mother who had been seriously ill. At night I came home and told my mother about it. Mother listened to me for twenty dollars. I said: "Mom we donated five yuan on it." Mother heard: "We give people donated twenty dollars, because people have too much difficulty, and she needs our help." I heard my mother , The feeling of the front of the mother is not so stingy.

  In fact, my mother is a beautiful good mother!