一、根据读音规则,判断下列各组单词中,哪一个单词划线部分的读音与其它三个划线部分的读音不同,请选出。  ( )1. A. hand B. gave C. map D. plan  ( )2. A. went B. bed C. me D. get  ( )3. A. heavy B. sleep C. weekend D. meet  ( )4. A. car B. father C. warm D. hard  ( )5. A. start B. car C. father D. swam  二、按要求写出下列单词。  1.two(同义词)___________ 2.small(反义词)___________    3.box(复数形式) __________ 4.sheep(  复数形式)_________  5.new(反义词)___________  三、翻译下列短语。  1.头痛 _______ ______ ___________ 2.打扫房间_______  3.去游泳 _________ ___________ 4洗衣服_______   5.起床 _________ _________  四、单项选择:  ( ) 1. Your pen is newer than _____________.  A. mine B. me C. her  ( ) 2.How _______ she go to school in the morning ?  A. is B. does C. do  ( ) 3.That is _______ American national flag. There ______ fifty stars on it.  A. a , is B. an , are C. an , is  ( ) 4. Listen! Xiaoling ________ in her classroom.  A. sings B. singing C. is singing  ( ) 5. Yesterday my parents and I ________ our house.  A. are cleaning B. cleaned C. are going to clean  五、句型匹配 。  I       II  ( )1、What’s your favourite holiday? A. They’re in Jim’s desk.  ( )2、When’s your birthday? B. She planted some trees.  ( )3、What did she do on the farm? C. It’s the 21st of January  ( )4、What date is it today? D. Halloween.  ( )5、Where are your gloves? E. It’s on the 21st of January.  六、补全对话, 选择正确答案的编号在横线上。  Amy: Hi, Chen Jie!1__________________________?  Chen Jie: It’s Friday.  Amy: Oh, let’s go to the zoo this weekend.  Chen Jie: I’m sorry. I’m going to visit my aunt this weekend.  Amy: 2_____________________________________?  Chen Jie: No, I didn’t. I went to the nature park last weekend. I took many pictures there.  Amy: Oh, really? 3_____________________________?  Chen Jie: Yes, of course. Here you are.  Amy: Wow! Beautiful. But 4_____________________________?  Chen Jie: Let’s go there next weekend, OK?  Amy: OK . 5_____________________________________?  Chen Jie: What about riding a bike?  Amy: OK.  A: What’s the date today?  B: Are you going to visit your aunt?  C: Did you visit your aunt last weekend?  D: How are we going to the zoo?  E: Can I have a look ?  F: What day is it today.  G: When are we going to the zoo?.  七、把单词按顺序排列成句子。  1.go, usually, school, I, to, foot, on, (.)  ________________________________________________________  2.to ,are, going, weekend, the ,you, what, do ,on ,(?)  ___________________________________________________________  3.look ,so, you ,excited, (.)  ___________________________________________________________  4.birthday, June, her ,in, is, (?)  ___________________________________________________________  5.writing ,grandma, the, study ,is ,a ,in, letter,(.)  ___________________________________________________  八、阅读,选择正确的答案,并把字母编号写在括号里。  Zhang Ming is a student. He usually goes to school on foot. This morning he went to school by bus because he  got up late. Li Dong is Zhang Ming’s classmate and he didn’t go to school. He went swimming yesterday and had  a cold. The doctor asked him to take some medicine and stay in bed. So he has to stay at home for a few days.  After school, Zhang Ming and his classmates are going to buy some flowers and visit him .  根据短文,判断正误,对的写“T”, 错的写“F”。  ( )1. Zhang Ming goes to school on foot every day.  ( )2. Li Dong had a cold because he went swimming last weekend.  ( )3. Zhang Ming didn’t go to school because he had a cold .  ( )4. Li Dong’s classmates are going to buy presents for him .  ( )5. Li Dong is in the hospital now.  九、根据短文选出正确的答案。  Mrs Harris lives in a small village. She has one son. He is 21 and his name is Geoff. He worked in the shop in  the village and lived with his mother, but then he had new work in a town and went and lived there. It was very  far from his mother"s village, and she was not happy about this, but Geoff said, "There isn"t good work for me  in the country, Mother, and I can get a lot of money in the town and send you some every week." Mrs Harris was  very angry last Sunday. She got on a train and went to her son"s house . Then she said to him, "Geoff, why do  you never make a telephone to me?" Geoff laughed and said. "But, Mother, you don’t have a telephone." she  answered, "I don’t have, but YOU have one!"  ( ) 1. Where does Mrs Harris live?   A. In the town   B. In the country  ( ) 2. Where did her son work ?  A. In the town B. First in the village, then in the town  ( ) 3. How did Mrs Harris feel when her son went to the town?  A. Happy B. Unhappy  ( ) 4.Why was Mrs Harris angry?  A. Because she didn’t have a telephone.   B. Because Geoff didn’t make a telephone to her  ( ) 5. Who has a telephone?   A. Mrs Harris B. Geoff  十、短文选词填空。  ( have, on , with, took, visited, and go, dancing, having, take, went, danced )  It’s sunny today. I am ______ a picnic in the park with my friend. Look! Chen Jie is catching butterflies. Tom  and Sarah are singing and ______ under a big tree. Last week we _______ to Dongguan city. We _______ Center  Square, climbed Huangqi mountain and________ many pictures. Summer holiday is coming. We don’t _______ to  school. I am going to _______ a trip ______ my parents. We are going to Shanghai . We are going there by plane  ____ July 12th. We will ________ a good time there.  参考答案:  一、 BCACD   二、 1.too2. big 3. boxes 4.sheep 5.old  三、1.have a headache 2.clean the room 3.go swimming 4.wash the clothes 5 .get up  四、 A B B C B   五、D E B C A  六:1、F 2、C 3、E 4、G 5、D  七.1. I usually go to school on foot .  2. What are you going to do on weekend ?  3. You looks so excited. .  4. Is her birthday in June ?  5. Grandma is writing a letter in the study .  八、( 1 ) 1、F 2、F 3、F 4、T 5、F  九( 1 ) 1、B 2、B 3、B 4、B 5、B  十、1.having 2.dancing 3. went 4.visited 5.took 6.go 7. take 8.with 9. on 10.have


  一、 按要求写词语:  one (序数词) longer (反义词) thin (比较级)  tooth (复数) I (同音词) swim (现在分词)  have (第三人称单数) read (过去式) buy(过去式)  doesn’t (完全形式)  二、 选择:  ( ) 1. What_____Amy_____last weekend ?  A. did, do B. do, do C. does, do  ( ) 2. Mike _____his clothes everyday.  A. wash B.washes C.washed  ( ) 3. We ______have a football match tomorrow.  A. are going B.are go to C. are going to  ( ) 4. I failed my English test. I am ______.  A. happy B.sad C.excited.  ( ) 5. How____you feeling?  ----- I’m feeling better.  A. am B. are C. do  ( ) 6. It’s raining outside. Tom______bored.  A. feel B. does C. feels  ( ) 7. What did you do yesterday?  ----- I _____skiing.  A. go B.goed C.went  ( ) 8. How _____are you ?  ----- I’m 160 cm tall.  A. old B.tall C.heavy  ( ) 9. My nose______.  A. hurt B. hurts C. is hurting  ( ) 10. ______is it ?  -----It’s Tuesday.  A. What day B. What colour C. What  ( ) 11. Look, they are_____the insects carefully.  A. watch B.watching C.watched  ( ) 12. She is an _____, he draws pictures.  A. actor B.cleaner C.artist  ( ) 13. I played ____piano.  A. B.the C.a  ( ) 14. I get up ___7:oo___the morning.  A. at at B. at in C.in in  ( ) 15. I like to go ____on Sundays.  A. fishing B. to fish C.fish  三、连词成句:  1. likes he listening music to  2. did you there how go  3. do you when Beijing to go  4. have I throat sore a  5. two years I’m than you younger  四、 连线:  1. What did you do yesterday ? A.I feel sick.  2. How do you feel ? B.I climbed a mountain.  3. What’s the date ? C.October 1st.  4. Where did you go ? D.Yes , I did.  5. Did you learn English ? E.I went to Xinjiang.  五、 情景交际:  1. 你想约你的朋友周末去滑冰,你可以说:( )  A.Let"s go fishing this weekend. B.Let"s go hiking this weekend.  C.Let"s go ice-skating this weekend.  2. 当别人跟你说:May I borrow your dictionary?你回答说:( )  A.OK,here you are. B.Fine. C.I don"t think so.  3. 当别人发生不幸的时候你可以问:( )  A.Not at all. B.I"m sorry to hear that. C.You"re welcome.  4. 当你想问别人邮局在哪时,你应先说:( )  A.I" m sorry. B.Hi. C.Excuse me.  5. 当有人对你说Happy birthday to you!时,你应说:( )  A.You too. B.The same. C.Thank you.  六、 阅读下面短文,选择正确答案:  Jack and John are twins. They are good at English. They like to swim and ride bikes in their holidays. They like to fly kites too. They often fly kites near the lake. But they not all the same .Jack likes playing football, but John likes playing ping-pong. Jack likes listening to music, but Jonh likes drawing pictures. They often help each other.  1. What are they good at ?( )  A. English B. Math C. Chinese D. Science  2. What do they like to do in their holiday ? ( )  A. Play ping-pong and run.  B. Swim and ride bikes.  C. Swim and play basketball.  D. Play ping-pong and ride bikes.  3. Where do they fly kites ? ( )  A. Near the lake. B. In the park.  C. On the beach. D. Near the river.  4.Who likes playing football ? ( )  A. Jack B. John C.Jack and John  5. Do they often help each other ? ( )  A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn’t.  C. Yes, they do. D. No, they doesn’t.  参考答案:  一、 first shorter thinner teeth eye swimming has read bought does not  二、 A B C B B  C C B B A  B C B B A  三、 1.She likes listening to music.  2.How did you go there ?  3.When do you go to Beijing?  4.I have a sore throat.  5.I’m two years younger than you.  四、1B 2A 3C 4E 5D  五、C A B C C  六、A B A A C


  一、找出不同类的单词,将其序号填入题前括号中。  ( ) 1. A. open B. look C. sit D. nice  ( ) 2. A. England B. Chinese C. China D.US  ( ) 3. A.flute B. guitar C. hot dog D. drum  ( ) 4. A.pen B. pencil C. book D.watermelon  ( ) 5. A.sunny B. warm C. windy D. duck  二、英汉互译。  1.middle school___________ 2.make a mistake____________  3.all over the world___________ 4.ride a bike_____________  5.fly away___________ 6.举行野餐______________  7.小心_______________ 8.棒球帽_______________  9.说汉语_______________ 10.在太空中_______________  三、按括号内要求写出下列单词的适当形式。  (1)watch(过去式)________ (2)go(过去式)________  (3)see(过去式)__________ (4)sing(过去式)________  (5)spend(过去式)_______ (6)teach(单三式)_______  (7)make(现在分词)_____ (8)swim(现在分词)___________  (9)fly(过去式)_________ (10)do(第三人称单数形式)__  四、单项选择。  ( )1.We’re looking ____ some ducks.  A. in B. at C. near  ( )2.She’s ____ her homework.  A. do B. did C. doing  ( )3. The ____ are playing in the park.  A. child B. childs C. children  ( )4. Look! The boys are walking ____ the blackboard. .  A. to B. up C. in  ( )5.Who ____ help me. Sorry, I can’t.  A. can B. can’t C. should  ( )6. How are you, Mike? You look so________.  It"s raining outside. I can"t play football.  A. happy B. excited C. sad  ( )7. Helen Keller______ born in America.  A. was B. were C. is D. are  ( )8.Did you ______ pictures yesterday?  A. take B. took C. taking  ( )9. I_______ my room and watched TV .  A. clean B. cleaned C. cleaning  ( )10. The ducks ________ in the water .  A. is swimming B. are swiming. C. are swimming  ( )11.当你不小心碰到了别人时,你应该说  A.Thank you very much. B.Sorry. C.Goodbye.  ( )12.你想知道汉堡的价钱是多少,你会问:  A.How much is a hot dog? B. Here you are. C. C.How much is a hamburger?  ( )13.今天是小明的生日,你会对他说:  A.Happy New Year! B.Happy Chirstmas! C.Happy Birthday!  ( )14.你处在麻烦之中,如果你想请求帮助你会对他人说:  A. Can I help you ? B. Who can help me? C. I can help you.  ( ) 15、当你想知道汤姆有多高时,你应该问:________  A、How long are you ? B、How tall are you ? C、How large are you ?  ( )16、We’re going to ---------Chinese.  A. speaking B. speak C. speaks D. making  ( )17、 A dog _______ under that tree.  A. sleeping B, is sleeping C, sleep  ( ) 18、 I want _______ some tea ,please .  A. to drink B. drink C. drinking  ( ) 19、As a baby, Helen couldn’t see hear.  A. and B. or C. but  ( ) 20、How much is it ? It is ______.  A, thirteen dollar and one cents.  B. thirteen dollars and one cents.  C. thirteen dollars and one cent.  五、用所给动词的适当形式填空。  1.What do you want____________(eat)?  2.It’s 4:00 now. Let’s____________(go)home.  3.We______________________(buy) some delicious food tomorrow. What about you?  4.Look!The birds____________(sing) in the tree.  5.They are too heavy. I can’t___________(carry)them all.  6.My mother_________(give)me a storybook on my birthday last year.  7.He saw his father in space and he _____(be)very proud of him.  8、I_____________(eat) an ice cream last night.  9.They __________(come)to the airport to meet their friend, Tom next Monday.  10.He sometimes_________(read) a book about famous people.  六、选出正确的句子,并将句子序号填写在横线上。  A.Hi B. It’s twenty yuan. C. A cola, please.  D.Thank you. E. Yes, we have.  Cashier: Hello. Can I help you?  Tom: __________. Have you got a hot dog?  Cashier: __________.  Tom: Good. A hot dog, please.  Cashier: What do you want to drink?  Tom: __________. How much is it?.  Cashier: __________.  Tom: Here you are.  Cashier: __________.Enjoy your meal!  七、读一读,选择正确答句。  ( ) 1. Does she teach maths? A. I am 160 cm tall.  ( ) 2. How tall are you? B. I feel tired.  ( ) 3. How do you feel? C. I went to Xinjiang by bus.  ( ) 4. What did you do last weekend? D. Yes, she does.  ( ) 5. When is your birthday? E. I visited my grandpa.  ( ) 6. What day is it today? F. It"s Wednesday.  ( ) 7. Where did you go yesterday? G. It"s on January 1st.  ( ) 8. Is she playing the violin now? H. Come in, please.  ( ) 9. May I come in? I. I went to Shanghai  ( ) 10. How did you go home yesterday? J. Yes, she is.  八、 连词成句。  1.are these ducks hungry very(.)  __________________________________________________  2.his riding he’s but bike it’s rain to starting (,)(.)  _____________________________________  3.of his proud him son was very (.)  _____________________________________  4.carry bag this heavy will Daming (.) ____________________________________  5.I you book bought this (.)  _____________________________________  九、根据提示,补全句子。  1、She’s ___________(买东西) for your birthday.  2、It’s a book about______________________ (太空旅行).  3、It’s for ______________________________(打棒球).  4、The boy is _________________________(吹小号).  5、They are _________________________(吃野餐).  6、The apples are _________________(跌落) the stairs.  7、He also _____________(制作了一个视频) in space.  8、It’s easy to ______________(犯错误)with English .  9、We’re going to ______________ (告别)to our primary school.  10、It’s going to s_________ in Harbin.  十、阅读理解。  It is on Sunday morning. The sun is shining. We have no classes. We are playing in the park. Some girls are singing and dancing under a big tree. Some boys are climbing the hill. Tom is drawing by the lake. Mike and John are swimming in the lake. Where are Betty and Mary? They are sitting under a small tree. They are reading a picture book. We are very happy.  ( )1.What’s the weather like today?  A. It’s Sunday. B. It’s fine. C. It’s raining.  ( )2.Where are they playing?  A. In the park. B. On the hill. C. In the lake.  ( )3.Who is climbing the hill?  A. Some girls. B. Some boys. C. Some teachers.  ( )4.Where are Betty and Mary?  A. They are on the tree. B. They are under the tree.  C. They are in the lake.  ( )5.What are Betty and Mary doing?  A. They are reading a picture book.  B. They are dancing.  C. They are playing.  参考答案:  一、1.D 2.B 3.C 4.D 5.D   二、1.中学 2.犯错误 3.全世界 4.骑自行车 5.飞走 6.have a picnic  7.be careful 8.baseball cap 9.speak Chinese 10.in the sky   三、1.watched 2.went 3.saw 4.sang 5.spent 6.teaches 7.making 8.swimming 9.flew 10.does   四、 BCCAA CAABC BCCBB BBABC   五、 1.to eat 2.go 3.are going to buy 4.are singing  5.carry 6.gave 7.was 8.ate 9.will come 10.reads   六、1.A 2.E 3.C 4.B 5.D   七、1.D 2.A 3.B 4.E 5.G 6.F 7.I 8.J 9.H 10.C   八、1.These ducks are very hungry.  2.He’s riding his bike ,but it starts to rain.  3.His son was very proud of him.  4.Daming will carry this heavy bag.  5.I bought you this book.  九、1.buying things  2.space travel.  3.playing baseball  4.playing the trumpet  5.having a picnic  6.falling down  7.made a video  8.make mistakes  9.say goodbye  10.snow  十、BABBA