1. What do you plan to do this Friday? 明天你打算干什么?

  2. What are you doing next week? 下周你干什么?

  3. I plan to go to the concert. 我打算去听音乐会。

  4. I"m thinking of going to my grandma"s. 我想去外婆家。

  5. I"ll go skiing of the weather permits. 天气允许的话,我会去滑雪。

  6. I suppose I can finish the project next year. 我想我明年完成此工程。

  7. I have no idea. 我不知道。

  8. It"s up to you. 由你决定。

  9. I"m considering buying a house. 我想买套房子。

  10. Hi, Jack, what lessons will you take this semester? 你好,杰克,这学期你选什么课?

  11. Hi, Lucy. I"ll take French and Economics. 你好,露西,我想选法语和经济。

  12. I"m taking Chinese and History. 我将选中文和历史。

  13. Do you plan to do some odd jobs? 你打算打工吗?

  14. Yes, I"m applying to work at the library. 是的,我在申请图书馆管理员的工作。

  15. Good luck! 祝你好运。


  1. Do you like traveling? 你喜欢旅游吗?

  2. Yes, I"ve just come back from Scotland. 是的,我刚从苏格兰回来。

  3. How did you get there? 你怎么去的?

  4. I got there by plane. 我坐飞机去的。

  5. Where did you visit? 你去参观了哪些地方?

  6. I only had time to visit Edinburgh. 我只有时间去爱丁堡。

  7. How did you like it? 你喜欢那儿吗?

  8. It"s fantastic. 那儿棒极了。

  9. Why did you go there? 你为什么去那儿?

  10. I went there on business. 我出差到那儿。

  11. And do you have friends there? 你在那儿有朋友吗?

  12. Yes, a lot of friends. 是的,很多。

  13. You must have enjoyed yourself. 你一定玩的很开心。

  14. Yes, and I took many pictures. 是的,我还照了好多照片。

  15. Please let me see them. 让我看看。


  1. What would you like to eat? 你想吃点什么?

  2. Are you ready to order? 你要点菜了吗?

  3. I"d like some steak and bread. 我要牛排和面包。

  4. What would you like for dessert? 你要什么甜点?

  5. I"ll have some ice cream. 我要冰淇淋。

  6. Do you want some fruit? 你要水果吗?

  7. Yes, please. I want an apple. 是的,我要一个苹果。

  8. Anything to drink? 喝点什么?

  9. A small glass of whisky, please. 请来一小杯威士忌。

  10. Here is your food. 你的菜来了。

  11. Bring me the bill please. 请买单。

  12. Can I pay by check or credit card? 我能用支票或信用卡吗?

  13. Sorry, we only take cash. 对不起,我们只收现金。

  14. Here you are. 给。

  15. Here is your change. 找您的钱。