语法2班    暑假作业
一、 在肯定句中一般把首字母换成’ I am=I’m    he is=he"s      they are=they"re    she is=she’s 
we  are=we’re  it is=it’s  Let us= Let’s    That is=that’s 
what is= what’s  who is=who’s  where is=where’s
注:This is   am not  没有缩写
isn’t = is not
aren’t = are not
can’t = can not
don’t = do not
doesn’t = does not

♦ 我用am, 你用are, is用在他她它,复数全用are。我(I)是am ,你(you)是are,
♦ is连着他(he)、(她)she、(它) it;
♦ 单不可数用is,复数名词全用are.
♦ 变疑问,很简单,be需大写来提前,
♦ 变否定,更轻松,be后not记心中。
练习一、用is、am 、are 填空

1、 she______ a student.           

2、 I ______ Jenny. He______ Peter.

3、 How old ______you? I’m ten.   

4、 _______ this a cat?

5、 You _____ my friend.           

6、 What _____ this ? It’s a cat.

7、I ________ _______ a  student.

8、Jane and Tom _________my  friends. My sisters _______tall.

9、_______ there a table in the room?       

10、There _____ some glasses on it.

11、There ________many monkeys in the zoo. 

12、my  father_____ a  doctor.
I am=_____ he is= _____ they are=_____ she is=_____ we  are=_____ What is =_____
let us=_____   is  not=_____    are  not=_____  It  is=_____  they  are=_____   
_____your name?你叫什么名字。
_____ a girl.我是一名女孩。
__  __brother.他们不是兄弟。
I ___ She ___ They ___ We ___ He  You ___   Here ___ these    That    Those   
_________ a beautiful rainbow in the sky.
2.I _______ at school . We ________ students.
________ in the zoo.    Ling ________ ten years old.
________ an apple on the plate.  ________ some milk in the glass
cat _______ on the chair.
________ your friends?  How old __________ you?
9.____she Kitty 。
_____ you Chinese?   

10、It_____ a car.
11. I ______ a boy. ______ you a boy? No, I _____ not.
12. The girl______ Jack"s sister.   13. The dog _______ tall and fat.
jeans ______ on the desk.
I am from London.              I am     from London.
He is a teacher.               He is     a teacher.
She is in the dining room.     She is     in the dining room.
My hair is long.                My hair is     long.
Her eyes are small.          Her eyes are     small.
Are you a Chinese?      Yes,         .    No,         .
Are they American?      Yes,         .    No,         .
Is the cat fat?         Yes,        .   No,         .
六、there be 句型中be动词的用法

1、在there be 句型中,主语是单数,be 动词用is;主语是复数,be 动词用are; 如有几件物品,be 动词根据最近be 动词的那个名词决定。

2、there be 句型的否定句在be 动词后加not,一般疑问句把be 动词调到句首。
There be用法口诀
♦ There be有特点,主语放在be后面,
♦ 单数主语用is ,复数主语要用are。

♦ 变否定很简单,be后要把not添。
♦ 变疑问也不难,把be提到there前。
♦ 否定疑问any换,就近原则多多练。

1、There___________ a lot of sweets in the box.

2、There___________ some milk in the glass.

3、There____________some people under the big tree.

4、There___________ a picture and a map on the wall.
1. The man _______ a teacher.  2. ______ your brother in the classroom?
3. Where _____ your mother?   She ______ at home.
4. How _______ your father?   5. Mike and Liu Tao ______ at school.
6. Whose dress ______ this?   7. Whose socks ______ they?
8. That ______ my red skirt. 9. Who ______ I?
10. Here ______ a scarf(围巾) for you. 11. Here ______ some sweaters (毛衣)for you.
12. The black gloves (手套)______ for Su Yang.
13. This pair of gloves ______ for Yang Ling.
14. The two cups of milk _____ for me.   15. Some tea ______ in the glass.
16. Gao shan"s shirt _______ over there.
八、句型转换1. It is a beautiful park.否定句:________________________________________________一般疑问句:____________________________________________肯、否定回答:__________________________________________2.I love my mother.否定句:________________________________________________一般疑问句:____________________________________________肯、否定回答:__________________________________________
1. My sister"s name ______Nancy.  2. This ______ not Wang Fang"s pencil.
3. ______ David and Helen from England?   4. There ______ a girl in the room.
5. There ______ some apples on the tree.
6. _______ there any kites in the classroom?
7. _______ there any apple juice in the bottle?
8. There _______ some bread on the plate.
9. There _______ a boy and two girls in the park.
10. You, he and I ______ from China. 11. There ________ an apple on the table. 。