Gardens Are Not Made by Sitting in the Shade,which can be expressed as follows;Rome wasnt built in a day!  To take English learning for an example.Like building a house, it takes some time. Laying a strong foundation is the first and most important step. You must build your strong English foundation by learning beautiful and useful words as well as sentences.In other words,The road to true success is never smooth or easy. Only if you practice every day can you make it.  However,many work by fits and starts.Those have no perseverance to study, work, being interrupted.They can finally succeeded nothing because they cannot insist for a long time.  In short, it is important that we make unremitting efforts when working for our goals. Whether we succeed in the end or not, we will learn something, and what we learn will help us to become better, more confident people. Furthermore, if we give up, we have no chance of attaining our gardens,flowers and fragrance.


  The dream is beautiful, it is the moral nature most beautiful expectation; The dream is the sunlight, it causes the human to move toward steadfastness by the impetuousness, by paces back and forth moves toward firmly, and moves toward successfully. Each person life will have the innumerable dreams, some forever will not be perhaps realistic, so long as but paid has tried hard, will not regret; But tumbles after these was deliberately bad the dejected person, the dream was forever could also not arrive other shore, has not been assorted with the dream the difference.


  Everyone has his dreams, but not all these dreams can come true. People give up their dreams for this or that reason. Those whose dreams become true have at least one thing in common, that is, they always hold fast to their dreams.  Marie Curie, a famous scientist, has set a good example. In 1898, Marie found a new element in the pitchblende. In order to prove her discovery, she must get it and show it to the world. Then to get the new element became her dream and goal of her life. After four years" hard work and refinement of tons of pitchblende, Marie and her hus-band at last saw the dim blue light of the new element -- radium. Her dream had come true. There are many other examples. Just around us, for instance, the athletes who gain the gold medals, the artists who are popular with the public, and even the students who enter tile university after years of hard study and preparation, are all dream-holders.  Hold fast to your dreams, no matter how big or small they are. The path to dreams may not be smooth and wide, even some sacrifices are needed, but hold on to the end, you ,sill find there is no greater happiness than making your dream come true.